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Daniel Boone chords - Caleb Stine

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                {comment:Capo 3}
{comment:Intro: G G G G}

I set [G]out in the w[Em]orld with no k[C]eys on my r[G]ing
I was y[G]oung, I was re[Em]stless, and e[C]ager to s[G]ing
And I hol[G]lered out at li[Em]fe just to s[C]ee what it might b[G]ring
It brought me fl[Em]owers and c[G]anyons; Hi[Em]ghways and comp[G]anions
And a [D]burning for [G]everything

If [G]everybody ra[Em]mbled and e[C]verybody r[G]oamed
T[G]here'd be nobody l[Em]eft to w[C]elcome you back h[G]ome
So g[G]rateful that my j[Em]ourney wasn't [C]always al[G]one
There were [Em]houses and f[G]amilies; There were h[Em]ostels and b[G]uddies
And a[D]lways some c[G]ouch space I could l[D]oan

{comment:Guitar solo: Em-D-G C G  Em G D (1x)}

In an a[G]lley in Mo[Em]rocco in the m[C]iddle of the n[G]ight
Our gu[G]ide was leading dow[Em]nward, and I knew so[C]mething wasn't r[G]ight
All his c[G]ronies gathered 'r[Em]ound us, I got r[C]eady for a f[G]ight
I felt [Em]calm but sc[G]ared; Int[Em]ense but prep[G]ared
Then s[D]omehow safe we walked [G]into the l[D]ight

See the r[G]ancher on his h[Em]orse, see the d[C]ude up in his F[G]ord
See the m[G]iles that tick a[Em]way on my H[C]onda A[G]ccord
And I've s[G]een more through these w[Em]indows than B[C]ill Gates can af[G]ford
I've seen b[Em]ison and an e[G]agle; I've seen fo[Em]rest so r[G]egal
Where the p[D]itcher of li[G]fe gets po[D]ured

{comment:Guitar solo: Em-D-G C G  Em G D (2x)}

Well m[G]any of my tr[Em]avels have been d[C]one on a p[G]age
Of some [G]book that I've [Em]borrowed while working [C]minimum [G]wage
And those [G]words they led me [Em]back to some [C]mythic bygone [G]age
Filled with [Em]blacksmiths and [G]jailors; [Em]Highwaymen and [G]whalers
The [D]butcher, the [G]preacher and the [D]sage

And this [G]chemical insi[Em]de me, it'll [C]burn until I [G]die
It keeps [G]reaching with its [Em]hands for all[C] it's gotta [G]try
And it [G]always leads me [Em]onward, [C]never asking [G]why
It keeps [Em]expanding, [G]contracting; Always [Em]bonding, and [G]splitting
And it fl[D]ows from an e[G]ndless sup[D]ply, yeah

{comment:Guitar solo: Em-D-G C G  Em G D (2x)}

It was [G]foggy in the [Em]morning, oh and [C]raining soft by [G]noon
I [G]sat here in this [Em]sweater and carve[C]d you out a [G]tune
I look [G]over at the [Em]dog and know [C]you'd be back [G]soon
And I [Em]smiled and [G]blink; I closed my [Em]eyes to [G]think
I'll head [D]west again[G] with Daniel Bo[D]one
Saddle up!  Alright!

{comment:Guitar solo: Em-D-G C G  Em G D (2x)}

[Thanks to Jeff Gray for tabs]

Caleb Stine ChordsCaleb Stine Lyrics

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