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Substance chords - Caleb Stine

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                {comment:Capo 3}

[G]My own body d[Em]efies my [D]will as it [C]breaks and it [C/B]burns with [C/A]desires of its [Am]own
[G]How much more am I [Em]not in cont[D]rol of a [C]body like [C/B]yours made of [C/A]different [Am]bone
[C]If their fingers were [G]small enough they would tweak [D]each double helix ins[C]ide of you
[C]'Til all the genes of impossible sa[G]dness were stripped of their [D]sway

[G]As it stands you are [Em]manic dep[D]ressed that's the [C]best they can [C/B]label the [C/A]parts they can [Am]test
[G]And its chemical [Em]fingers they [D]use to infu[C]se every [C/B]cell with a [C/A]drug that they've ble[Am]ssed
[C]As the kids in your [G]class laugh and pass, you're am[D]azed that they're able to [C]blind themselves to
The [C]plastic and sorrow that [G]build every castle they're [D]in

{comment:guitar solo}

[G]All the markets are [Em]set in their [D]place and the k[C]ings tucked in [C/B]bed at [C/A]the head of the [Am]race
[G]In the street in the [Em]still of the [D]night you are s[C]uddenly [C/B]free with the [C/A]wind in your [Am]face
[C]Maybe all of this [G]science and medicine skims [D]past the part of you [C]screaming for substance
And [C]maybe just maybe you [G]need to get far far [D]away

[Thanks to Jeff Gray for tabs]

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