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country lyrics

Country Road chords by James Taylor

James Taylor Chords

D                             C/D            G
Take to the highway won't you lend me your name
D                              C/D          G
Your way and my way seem to be one in the same
Em7                    A7
Mama don't understand it
    Em7                      A7
She wants to know where I've been
    Em7                     A7
I'd have to be some kind of natural born fool
           Bm7           D9
To want to pass that way again
                     D       C G
But you know I could feel it...
             D     C  G  D
On a country road

D                               C/D               G
Sail on home to Jesus won't you good girls and boys
D                          C/D               G
I'm all in pieces, you can have your own choice
    Em7                   A7
But I can seen a heavenly band full of angels
            Em7              A7
And they're comin' to set me free
  Em7                       A
I don't know much about the why or when
          Bm7                     D9
But I can tell that it's bound to be
                D        C  G
'cause I could feel it
             D      C  G  D
On a country road

Am7                             G          D  C  Bm7
I guess my feet know where they want me to go
Am7                     D
Walkin' on a country road

repeat verse 1

D                           C/D
Walk on down, walk on down, walk on down
G                           D
Walk on down a country road
C   G   D   C   G            D     C/D
La la la la la la la country road
G                      D   C  G  D
Walkin' on a country road

James Taylor ChordsJames Taylor Lyrics

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