American Beautiful chords - The Henningsens

The Henningsens Lyrics

            American Beautiful
Written & Recorded by The Henningsens

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  |(G) |(F) |(C) |(G) |

(G) She puts her boots and ban-(F)danna on, (C) she has a hankering for (G)Rolling Stones
(G) She likes her vegetables (F)home grown, a (C)lot like the boy waiting out in the truck

Inst.:  |(G) |(Am) |(Am) |(G) |

(G) She'll take a hill like (F)Roosevelt, (C) holds up her pants with a (G)Bible belt
(G) She cracks 'em up like a (F)liberty bell, a (C)whole lot of tender and a little bit tough

(G)Ooh, ooh, (Am)ooh, she's a little unusual (G)
Ooh, ooh, (Am)ooh, she's A-(C)merican beautiful

Inst.:  |(G) |(F) |(C) |(G) |

Well, (G) he is a mutt with a (F)pedigree, (C) Sinatra junkie in a (G)pair of jeans
(G) He pays his dues in the (F)Land of the Free, says, "(C)Why walk; baby, we were born to fly"

(G)Ooh, ooh, (Am)ooh, he's a little unusual (G) Ooh, ooh, (Am)ooh, he's A-(C)merican beautiful Inst.: Yeah, |(G) yeah, |(Am) yeah |(Am) |(G) |(G) |(Am) |(C) |(C) | I (Em)saw that girl in a (D)mirror once with a (G)boy like that in a cloud of dust I (Em)think they look a (D)lot like us, 'cause (C)we are, we are, we are (Chorus) (G)Ooh, ooh, (Am)ooh, we are a little unusual (G) Ooh, ooh, (Am)ooh, we are A-(C)merican beautiful (Chorus) Yeah, (G)ooh, ooh, (Am)ooh, we are a little unusual (G) Ooh, ooh, (Am)ooh, we are A-(C)merican, American, American beautiful Outro.: |(G) |(F) |(C) |(G)