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Arkansas chords

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                     D    A        E      D
She said 85 years have fairly flown
    D               A             E             F#m
They called me last night said my brother passed on
  D          A          E             D
I cried for a while and stared at the wall
               D        A         E        A
‘Cause there’s no one I know left in Arkansas

      E                       D
I can still see the five of us climb out the window
F#m                           E
To lay on the porch roof that night, in the summer time
E                      D
Mama would line us all up on a Saturday
F#m                          E
To each have our turn in the tub
She said that was Arkansas

     A                    D        A          E       D
When she was young we had kerosene nights and innocent days
      D          A            E        F#m
Never dreamed we all would go separate ways
              D            A           E             D
But with each passing or a baby came a long distance call D A E A And we’d all make the trip back to Arkansas E D I could still see my brothers in the faces of old man F#m E We talked about horses and things we were missing E D Like the smell of a hay field the slow rolling thunder F#m E And thinking that nothing would change D Yeah just like Arkansas A G Bm In her younger days she said time is a river that rolls on forever A E You can’t stop at the shore line to admire the view G Bm So you pack up your memories, pressed them like flowers C B ‘Till all that is left here is you E D A And Arkansas E D She still can hear the song of a Whip-poor-will, calling her, F#m E The wind as he whispers her name in the evening E D And mama still beautiful and graceful, a sunshine F#m E And daddy is handsome and strong D D Yeah just like Arkansas, yeah her Arkansas D Yeah that was Arkansas

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