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I've Come To Take You Home chords - The Isaacs

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I've Come To Take You Home Sheet music
The Isaacs
"I've Come to Take You Home"
Capo 4th 

Go plead with your Mother, were the words of Hosea
       G7                              C
As he sent his children to extend his mercy
So they journeyed down the old path, that lead to much
    A                                    C
All the while their loving hearts were hurting
Their hope was crushed inside, as their compassion was denied
     G7                                C
The woman they so loved seemed like a stranger.
                                     G        Em
Heartbroken and alone they took the long road home
     C                       D                    G
For sin now reigned and all hope seemed gone to change her
One day the word was told, some slaves were being sold
    G7                       C        
A restless love sent Hosea seeking, one by one they brought them in
     Em                    A                                       C
So beaten down with sin, within his chest his anxious heart was beating
All at once she caught his eye, from his lips the bids were high
     G7                                     C
She could not believe the voice that she could hear
                                                 G                  Em
Would he through judgment take her life, forever end his pain and strife
     C                    D                   G
What would happen as she saw him drawing near her

                          C       D                     G
** I've come to take you home, I know that you've done wrong
                                  C                                 D
** But for you I'd give(gave) my life through the sorrow pain and strife
                      G                        C
** I couldn't let you go, lets leave the past behind
    D                     G 
** Love conquers one more time
                             C                           D
** He took her(my) hand and said, theres a new day just ahead
                          C    G
** I've come to take you home

Now I've stood in that same place, bound by sin a broken slave
             G7                                C
                                            G                 Em
I heard his word the price was paid on the cross for you that day
         C                    D              G    
Take my hand now child and welcome to the family

** Chorus again, words in the ( ) this time **

What a great song, The Isaacs rock! 

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