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The YMCA Sportspark Anti-Massacre chords

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            The YMCA Sportspark Anti-Massacre
By The Lost Trailers
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Well, it was near dark-30 in the soccer field
We were a hundred strong and kids were coming still
       B7                           C  
Up the drive of the Y Sportspark to park beneath the trees
I hadn't seen this many kids in one place 
Since the Winger Concert or the dirt track race
      B7                                                     C
And I thought this was definitely the coolest thing that I'd ever seen in Albany. 
We had Kodiak and we spit in the dirt
And watched the Senior girls in their skirts
    B7                                               C
And prayed for the day when we had girls that looked good and drank beer
Our lives were filled with nervous excitement D As we waited for that epic fight B7 C Of Clint Cecil and Clay Taylor and the history they'd make Chorus 1: G So don't turn away, you don't have to run D Every day has a rising sun B7 And one day yours is gonna come C G And take your blues away, so don't turn away Cause when you're in ninth grade it's a big deal To stand shoulder to shoulder on a soccer field, With 18 year olds who are too preoccupied to punch you in the gut Yeah these people came for just one thing To see Clay and Clint in this human ring Cause both guys were tough as nails and roughest of the rough Well, Clay we didn't know so good Cause he grew up outside our neighborhood But I guess I first heard of him in Merry Acres Middle School Well, some are just fighters, and Clay always was But he never used no knivexs or a gun He preferred to win or get beat on the strength of his will Consequently, Clint was notoriously known For being bit by a rattlesnake in a berry grove He was only ten then, and he swelled up like a weather balloon But it couldn't kill him, it only hardened 'em a bit And after that he never took no s**t And that'prob'ly why he and Clay met that afternoon Chorus Well, Clint and Clay should have never a fought It was a lie that was started by my friends dad's daughter Which would usually be called a sister but she was more than that Cause his dad had an affair with my friend's mom's mother And had two kids, and maybe others One was my friends uncle, and the other was his aunt So his quasi-aunt-step-sister-person Had done a bad thing and worsened it By hitting Clay's parked car and starting a lie She was confused already with the way she was And she didn't want to p**s off the boy she loved Cause she had a crush on Clay since she was nine Which was something we didn't quite understand Cause girls dug Clay but he was an ugly man Much like us, so he gave us hope or at least a fighting chance We just knew he wasn't someone to mess with So it was no surprise when he got the message That he skipped his class and ran out in a rage He yelled, "Whichever dead man hit my car You know what you did and you know who you are And if you was worth a damn, you'd fess up to what you did." It was the one of my friend's sister-aunt And she said, "Clay, I saw it all and it was Clint!" Well, Clint yelled out, "You lyin' inbred!" And Clay cried, "You little punk, you're dead! You meet me at the Y soccer fields a quarter after dark." Clint said, "I didn't hit that piece of cr*p, And nobody talks to me like that And you're gonna wish you never called me out to that park." Chorus 2: So don't turn away, you don't have to run; every day has a rising sun And one day yours is gonna come and take your blues away So don't turn away, keep your toes on the line Keep your head up kid, everything will be fine Those bitter grapes are gonna turn to wine And wash your blues away. So don't turn away Well, dusk bit into the far horizon It's teethmarks found a dust trail rising Across the clay alley towards the vending machines At first nobody really noticed, Till the dustcloud hit the soccer goals Then some kid yelled, "Hey, I think that's Clay Taylor's Jeep!" He was gunning it, with the hammer down And when he got near us he spun it around And stuck the brakes until the gravel bled And we all stared at disbelief At the strangest sight I'd ever seen A butt naked Clay Taylor, with pantyhose on his head Now, you've got to know what this meant to us This was pre-Braveheart and William Wallace Clay was revolutionizing the art of war in 1991 It was weird as hell, downright frightening As he called for the man he was supposed to fight But who could know the horror show had only just begun Chorus 1 We were shocked, speechless, the field was silent Till a growl pierced the air like a mountain lion's and got closer and closer shaking needles from the trees Kids were looking around, all confused Cause the sound grew near but there was still no view Till the southside of the crowd let out in screams And the sea of people all around Parted to reveal a clown Running full speed with a chainsaw in his hands I'd never seen a clown in full sprint Then I realized "Hey, that's really Clint And I do believe he aims to kill a man." Now there is one thing scarier than a mad clown That's a midget on crank and there ain't many around To be honest, I've never seen one in the real So the whole crowd got spooked and ran And left a solitary man Standing in the middle of a trampled soccer field Well it really doesn't matter who won or lost I can only say that Clint paid the cost Of an ill-fated rumor and a heart of pride It wasn't his fault how things turned out He tried to have something that he was born without, The kind of toughness a few like Clay keep trapped inside. The kind that looks someone square in the eye As he's rushin' at you in a clown disguise And brandishing a Yamaha chainsaw from his Daddy's toolshed. And not flinchin' a bit, not bitin' yer lip Not quiverin' shiverin', or faking a limp Just spittin' out whiskey right there in the mud, and sayin' "Bring it on, son." Well, that's the stuff you only see in Albany Clay might have been crazy but he was braver than any Other SOB I've seen in all my years So when the taxman calls, or rent gets late Or we've played a show, and we didn't get paid I think, "Well it ain't no chainsaw bearing clown, so what do I got to fear." Chorus 2

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