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Under FM Waves chords

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Lost Trailers - Under FM Waves

Capo 2

C                          F                 C
When your in a hole it's a hard time getting out
          F                   G                   C
there's a few bad men full of bread and grins who don't want you on their cloud
            F                        G                      C                F
and if your asking for a hand one'll give you one that will push you back in place
             C                                 F       G  C
and it's the same hand that pays the man who's running FM waves

When you outside they like you looking in
And they'll drink champagne to the window pane were they find a thousand peeking in
And even if you don't want to sell your tune they might take it from you anyway
And you'll fell wronged when you hear your song being shattered over FM waves

   F                                  C                   
My hero's are not cowboys they're the ones who sing about them
    F                                C                   G
Not caring if they're paid or have a place to lay their head
      F                  G             C               F
Cause though the lawyers come and go a good song never greys
C F G C No you'll never know from radio but there's gold under FM Waves So mister big wig no I wouldn't want to take your place Because I don't want to find your ? when I'm looking for a saving grace And you can't always close your ears because one day my voice will fade away But there will always be a bunch like me playing music under FM waves Chorus 2x Strange how a band with such promise and songs like this could sell out so easily.

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