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I'll Be Seeing You chords - Cyndi Thomson

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                CAPO 4

G                                  Em     
I'll be seeing you... Hey don't forget your coat
G                                     Em 
I'll be seeing you... Feels like it's turning cold
C                          D              
I hate that you're leaving with so much unsaid
         G                           C         D      
And this strange empty feeling won't let me forget that
         Am7       C
I'll bee seeing you

G                            Em7  
I'll be seeing you...Oh that beautiful smile
G                                Em7
I'll be seeing you...Sure as I'm seeing you now
C                   D     
Around every corner wherever I go
      G7                 C         D  
Every moment of everyday Darlin' I know
        Am7        C          G
I'll be seeing you... I'll be seeing you...

C  Am  C      Am7  C       C  Am C    Am C     Am7   
Oh the nights I'll cry But maybe just maybe in time
C       G    C Am D
I'll be fine

G                            Em7  
I'll be seeing you...When I close my eyes
G                            Em7  
I'll be seeing you...I've got you memorized
C                    D  
I'll always love you I know you know that
      G                C                      D  
And I know in my heart that you're not coming back
    Am7             C                G        Em    G   Em  G   -FADE  
And in everything I do... I'll be seeing you  

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