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Im Gone chords - Cyndi Thomson

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Artist: Cyndi Thomson
Album: My World
Song Title: I'm Gone
Transcribed by: Shauna Gruber

Capo 1

Intro:	E	G#	A	B (repeat twice)

	    E	G# 	A			B		E	G#	A	B
One more time		Yeah that's what I said back a couple times ago

	E	G#	A		B		C#	A	
Thank you		Kindly for reminding me I'm good to go

		E	G#		A		B
Chorus:	I'm gone	and I'm taking all my good stuff

		E	G#		A	   B
		Gone, gone	you'll never get it back

			E	G#	A		B
		And I'm gone, gone been a long time coming

		C#			A			E	G#	A	B
		Betcha gonna miss me, Betcha gonna miss me bad		(miss me bad - 2nd time)

	    E	G# 		A	B		E	G#	A	B
That's right		This party isn't all that it's cracked up to be

	E	G#		A		B		C#	A	
Yeah boy		you go grab yourself a partner but don't look at me



E	G# 	A			B			E	G#	A	B
Hey you		Yeah you there with that smug look smeared across your face

	E	G#		A		B		C#	A	
That's right		I've got better things to do than hang around this place


Repeat intro to end

I know your gonna miss me....becha gonna miss me

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