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Family Tradition chords - Aaron Tippin

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Aaron Tippin Sheet music
                Intro: (B)  (B)  (B)  (B)  
(B) Country music singers 
have always been a (E) real close family 
but (F#) lately some of my kin folks 
have disowned a few otha's and (B) me 
I guess its because 
I kinda (E) changed my direction 
(F#) Lord, I guess I went and broke their family tra(B)dition 
Tell me Hank 
(B) Why do you drink? 
Hank (E) why do you roll smoke? 
(F#) Why must you live out the songs that you (B) wrote? 
Over and over 
Every(E)body made my prediction 
So if (F#) I get stoned 
I'm just carryin' 
on an old family trad(B)ition 
(B) I am very proud 
(E) of my daddys name 
al(F#)though his kinda music 
and mine ain't exactly the (B) same 
stop and think it over 
put your(E)self in my position 
if (F#) I get stoned and sing all night long 
it's a family trad(B)ition 
Won't you tell me Hank 
(B) Why do you drink? 
Hank (E) why do you roll smoke? 
(F#) Why must you live out the songs your daddy (B) wrote? 
Over and over 
Some old (E) slick's tryin' to give me friction 
I say leave (F#) me alone 
I'm just carryin' 
on an old family trad(B)ition 
Steel Guitar Solo 
Lordy, (B) I have loved some ladies 
and (E) I have loved Jim Beam 
and (F#) they both tried to kill me 
in 197(B)3 
when that doctor asked me 
Son (E) how did you get in this condition 
I said (F#) hey sawbones I'm just carryin on 
an old family trad(B)ition 
So don't ask me Hank 
why do you drink? 
(E) why do you roll smoke? 
(F#) Why must you live out the songs that you (B) wrote? 
Stop and think it over 
Put your(E)self in my unique position 
If (F#) I get stoned and sing all night long 
It's a family trad(B)ition 
If (F#) I get stoned and sing all night long 
It's a family trad(B)ition

Aaron Tippin ChordsAaron Tippin Lyrics

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