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Five Gallon Tear chords - Aaron Tippin

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                Intro:  (F)  (F)  (F)  (F) 
(F) We were all drinking at (Bb) Marge's one (F) night 
When an old cowboy (C) came through the (F) door 
He took a few shaky steps 
Then he (Bb) started to (F) moan 
And he keeled over (C) right on the fl(F)oor 
Doc came on over, took his (Bb) stethoscope (F) out 
He listened and he (C) looked in his (F) eyes 
He said, "boys, stick around 
I just (Bb) might need your (F) help 
I'm afraid this will (C) be a long (F) night" 
Cause, there's a (Bb) five gallon tear, a (F) five gallon tear 
Lodged in this (C) poor old boy's (F) heart 
By the (Bb) look in his eyes he (F) ain't cried in (Bb) years 
And he's re(F)taining a (C) five gallon (F) tear 
--Key Change-- 
Doc (F#) wrote a prescription to in(B)duce him to (F#) cry 
It was whiskey and (C#) sad country (F#) songs 
We propped him up in a booth 
Poured a (B) drink down his (F#) throat 
Then we turned that old (C#) Wurlitzer (F#) on 
Well he spluttered and he coughed 
And he (B) hung down his (F#) head 
As those lonely songs (C#) worked on his (F#) heart 
When the memories started coming six (B) minutes a(F#)part 
We laid him face (C#) up on the (F#) bar 
Then a (B) five gallon tear, a (F#) five gallon tear 
Slowly welled (C#) up in his (F#) eyes 
(B) We all yelled "push" and we (F#) all gave a (B) cheer 
When (F#) he cried that (C#) five gallon (F#) tear 
Fiddle Solo 
That (D#m) jar by the (C#) door, don't hold (B) pig feet no (F#) more 
The (D#m) contents are (C#) sparkling (B) clear 
That (D#m) liquid with(C#)in is not (B) moonshine or (F#) gin 
It's a re(B)minder to everyone (C#) here 
It's a (B) five gallon tear, a (F#) five gallon tear 
Let this be a (C#) lesson to (F#) you 
If you (B) sorrow inside for (F#) too many (B) years 
Then (F#) you'll cry the (C#) five gallon (F#) tear (B) 
Buddy (F#) you'll cr(C#)y (B) (C#) 
Buddy, (F#) you'll cry a (C#) five gallon (F#) tear...

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