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The Elvis Thing chords - Tractors

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Title: The Elvis Thing
Artist: The Tractors
Written By: Ripley, Burton, Moore, Fontana
Album: Farmers In A Changing World

Transcription Note: They do it in F. I do it in E. Use a capo or transpose. Chorded by:

[E] In nineteen fifty-six, the United States of America
Dropped a hi-fi needle on rock and [B7] roll
And coast to [E] coast, we started shakin' all [A] over
[E] One  nation, under [B7] God and out of con[E]trol

It's The Elvis  [A] Thing
It cuts right [E] through you
It tangles you up inside, turns your world upside [B7] down
Like a mystery [A] train, screamin' through the [E] night
There ain't nothin' been the same since The [B7] Elvis Thing been a[E]round

I grew up drivin' a tractor and playin' electric guitar
It's a strange road full of detours and twists and [B7] turns
And when I ask my[E]self  why I do what I  [A] do
The [E] answer is simple; there's a  [B7] reason my earthyly heart [E] burns


Come on, love me [A] tender
Come on, come on, love me [E] true
Just like The Elvis Thing got a hold on me...
I [F#]wanna get a hold of  [B7] you [A] [E] [B7] [E]

When they write the history books and try to explain
The second half of the twentieth centu[B7]ry
They'll talk about puttin' a man on the [E] moon...
They'll talk about  Viet[A]nam...
They'll talk about [E] Martin Luther King and [B7] John F. Kennedy......
(But you know what they'll really be talkin' about)


Like a mystery [A] train, screamin' through the [E] night
There ain't nothin' been the same since
The [B7]Elvis Thing been a[A]round [E]

keep it in tune,

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