My Hearts A Candle chords - Trinity James

            CAPO: 4

Intro:Em,C,A,D x2

(verse 1)
Em                    C
My veins are rushing way more blood
A                     D
My heart is just a thud
Em                    C
I'm acting very different
A                          D
Cause i've never felt this way before
Em                    G
One question in my head
C         A       D
Is it a dream or not
Em            C         A        D
Baby your the best thing that i got

Em            G
I've got you, It's a fluke
C               A          D
I don't no why your with me
Em G My eyes, make me realize C A D That I am so lucky, mmm mmm Em G I don't deserve you what have i done C A D I geuss then i should take it for granite Em C A D My heart's a candle, That you lit (verse 2) Em C My lungs are breathing faster now A D All i can say is wow Em C I'm realizing that i love you A D Cause i will not let you out my site Em G Another question in my head C A D Is it to good to be true Em C A D I haven't said it til' now but baby I love you ....cause... (back to chorus x2)