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Road Less Travelled chords by Trinity James

Trinity James Chords

Intro:C, G, Em, D

(verse 1)

C                        G
All The memories we made, started to fade
Em                              D
And I don't think it's my fault
C                        G
You won't feel the guilt, and now i'm underhill
Em                                 D
It hurts like blood mixed with salt
G                 G7
What Should I Do, Should I Move On
And will your memories ever be gone
I've come to this conclusion

You used to understand me
C                 D             C
And say that my dreams will come true
                         D      C           D
You used to say i could always pull myself through
Am                                E
Oh but baby now you say that's not true
   D                          C
You used to like to like to love me
D             C        D
And I used to love you too
Instead I'm on the gravel
D                C     D      C
Walkin' Down the Road Less Travelled

(Verse 2)
Now my heart is slowing down, to the ground
And it's all because of you
You hit me real bad and i'll always be sad
I'm just a one searching for a two
Why Am I squirming, Why can't i get over it
It's your ol' lovin' that won't let me quit
I should get through it

How can you just throw it away
F                                             Am
I thought it was something that would always stay
(back to chorus)


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