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No Higher Ground chords - Greg Trooper

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                No Higher Ground
By Greg Trooper
rmofle at

Intro Chords:
Use Barre chords
E  D  E  D  E
C  E  C  D  G

G                  D                  G
Down from the sky, up from the raging sea
       G                D                   G
In the blink of an eye, water's all you can see
C                          G              C                      G 
All you could hear was the wind and rain, nobody told us 'bout a hurricane
    Em                     A                    D
And if they had could we escape such a terrible sound
   C     Em        C        D      G 
In Galveston there ain't no higher ground

       G                         D                   G
We had nothin but hope when this brand new century began
            G                  D                           G 
Now there's six thousand gone, some say it might have been ten
          C                      G                C                            G  
We're the finest country and the smartest too, we certainly know more than the Cubans do
             Em                   A                    D 
So why do we bury our dead in the water where they all drown
   C    Em         C        D      Em
In Galveston there ain't no higher ground
   C     Em        C        D      G 
In Galveston there ain't no higher ground

The rain gave up and the sea she laid back down
There’s no tellin' how long 'til all the bodies are found
Does Washington care, does Houston know, we're an island in the Gulf of Mexico
Guess they'll be lending a hand just as soon as the word gets 'round
They say in Galveston, there ain't no higher ground
Woah, in Galveston there ain’t no higher ground

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