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When My Tears Break Through chords - Greg Trooper

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                When My Tears Break Through
By Greg Trooper

Capo 1

                  E                     A                E
Sometime I lie in bed when the night is still and wonder why
            C#m                   A                     E
Livin’ everyday in a world of bad news and I just don’t cry
    A                  E          A                       E
Oh, not when the war began, mmmm, not when the fairy tale ends
             A                       E 
Just say you love me and I know it’s true
A      E              B           E  
Ooooh, that’s when my tears break through

Seems like everyday there’s a heavy load waitin’ at my feet
I just pick it up till my back is bowed and head up the street
I don’t cry when the dam comes down, yeah, we watch it with this whole damn town
You offer a hand that I can hold onto
Ooooh that’s when my tears break through

  A       B        E
I feel no pain and sorrow
                  A               B  E 
When you leave me standing on the avenue
             E                 B      E 
But when you tell me you’ll be back tomorrow
A     E              B           C#m
Ohhhh that’s when my tears break through
A    E              B           E
Yeah that’s when my tears break through

Now I can walk around in this dirty old town all alone
No matter what I see staring back at me, my eyes are dry as a bone
Wretched and lost, reaching up to me, Like I could rescue them from misery
But when you look at me the way you do
Ooooh, that’s when my tears break through
Yeah, that’s when my tears break through
Ohhh, that’s when my tears break through


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