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Some Kind Of Trouble chords - Tanya Tucker

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Tanya Tucker Sheet music
                Some Kind Of Trouble

         Intro (Abm F#) repeat 5 times

         Abm      F#              Abm         F#
         Late one night I heard a knock on my door
         Abm   F#            Abm    F#
         No surprise, it was my landlord
         Abm         F#        Abm           F#
         He notified me, I was late with the rent
         Abm             F#           Abm
         So what can you do when your last dollar's spent
                 Abm    B  C#  Abm  F#      Abm     B  C
         You got trouble,      some kind of trouble

         Abm            F#         Abm      F#
         I called up my baby for a little advice
                Abm      F#          Abm          F#
         'Cause my sugar baby always treats me so nice
         Abm           F#              Abm     F#
         I had a funny feelin' that he wasn't alone
                Abm           F#            Abm
         When I heard another voice whisper hang up the phone
               Abm    B    C#  Abm  F#      Abm     B  C
         I got trouble,        some kind of trouble

         Trouble in my heart
         Trouble in my mind
                 C#                    Eb
         There's never any trouble for me to find
                      Abm      F#     Abm   B   C
         Some kind of trouble

         I went to my boss, said I need a little time

         To work on this poor broken heart of mine

         He said, I'd like to help you, I been there before

         But the problem is girl, you don't work here no more

         You got trouble, some kind of trouble

         (Repeat REPRIVE)

         (Instrumental) B - C# - Abm - B - C# - Eb

         I was down about as low as a body can be

         So I talked to my preacher 'bout prayin' for me

         He smiled and he said, "Child you're not alone"

         Cause all God's children got to deal wi ƒÏ

Tanya Tucker ChordsTanya Tucker Lyrics

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