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All of the Above chords by England Ty

England Ty Chords


F            C            Bb
I made you a list you can choose from

F         C             F             Fsus4
To let me know what you want from me

F               C               Bb
All you have to do is to choose one

C                   Bb
It's as simple as ABC

                   F        Bb
CHORUS: I could be:A)Lover, B)True

                   F         Bb
                   C)No one else but you

                       F                Bb       C
                   And if those choices aren't enough

                   F        Bb     F           Bb
        I could be:D)evoted E)ternally to your love

                          F     C          Bb
                   Or how about all of the above.

F  C  Bb C Bb

F              C                 Bb
Any choice you make is the right one

       F              Bb      F         Fsus4
But if indecision has got you stressed

F               C               Bb
I think I would go for the last one

C                           Bb
'Cause that one covers your bases best


SOLO (F Bb F F F C Bb Bb)

This is the one time

No matter how you choose

F                     C
Now darling you can't lose


           Bb       F
All of the above...

Chords: F     133211 or xx3211
        C     x32010
        Bb    688766 or x1333x
        Fsus4 xx3311 

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