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Smoke In Her Eyes chords by England Ty

England Ty Chords

Smoke In Her Eyes by Ty England

Written by Hugh Priestwood
>From the album "Ty England"

WARNING! The song's actual pitch is Ebm, so to play along with the record
remember to tune your guitar down half a step... I'm sure that's the way the
people in Ty's band do as well!

INTRO: Em C Am7     D       G

Em              C         Am7
Her heart could tell at a glance

D                        G  
She would be falling for him

Em              C        Am7
She knows she's taking a chance

D                       G   
But still goes out on a limb

G            D/F#         Em7
She knows he could be for real

D                    G
Or he could be in disguise

Em           C          Am7      D
Although she may have a heart on fire

She don't have smoke in her eyes

Em            C         Am7
She learned a long time ago

D                      G
That love has no guarantees

Em            C           Am7
She knows how warm it can glow

D                         G
She knows how cold it can freeze

G              D/F#        Em7
She knows that on down the line

D                        G
They could be waving goodbyes

Em           C          Am7      D
Although she may have a heart on fire

She don't have smoke in her eyes

         Cadd9            G
Well she used to say that taking

         Em7    Am7  D    G
Was what hearts were all about

          Am7sus4           G
'Till the day that hers was breaking

        Em7    Am7         D
And the love inside poured out

(Tacet)                         Am7
Somewhere there's peace on this earth

D                       G
Somewhere the moon's up above

Em         C         Am7
Somebody's got to go first

D                         G
To say they're falling in love

G            D/F#      Em7
She won't be sorry she did

D                 G
No matter what he replies

Em           C          Am7      D 
Although she may have a heart on fire

She don't have smoke in her eyes

Chords: Em        022000
        C         x32010
        Am7       x02010
        D         xx0232
        G         3x0033
        D/F#      2x023x
        Em7       022030
        Cadd9     x32030
        Am7sus4   x02030 (I'm not sure of this chord's name)

Transcribed by: ROBERTO (

Be sure to mail me any comments, suggestions, corrections and REQUESTS!

P.S. Special thanks to Josh for turning me on to this great song I had
forgotten about!!!

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