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Miner's Lullaby chords - Utah Phillips

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Utah Phillips Sheet music
Miner's Lullaby
Utah Phillips
Jodi Stecher/Kate Brislin
Starlight on the Rails
Banjo tuned E, Capo 2, Key C

 C          F           C               
Once long a-go he was handsome and tall,
    G7         C
And fit to be called to the war.
              F       C
We left our village family and all
 G7                  C
Never to return any more
    F              G         C         F
Now he takes his coat, his bucket and lamp
      G7                 C
And whistles away to the cage
Where men young and old
 G7                   C    
Gather in search of a wage,
  D        G             C             F
Husband sleep, lay your head back and dream,
                   G       F            C
A slow falling leaf born down to the stream,
       D       G           C      F
Then carried away in the arms of morphine,
              G7       C
Homeward far over the sea.

My husband and I are Roman in faith,
Though we have a secret to keep;
If ever his life is taken away,
Then gentle and long will he sleep.
Oh, some men pass with family around,
And linens and blankets so clean;
But there's seldom a miner goes under the ground
Without his tin of morphine.

But now here's a word, an explosion is heard;
The miners are trapped far below;
If any survive down there alive,
I'm certain we never will know;
Although our families have vainly appealed,
No rescue attempt can be seen;
Our hope for loved ones in the dark earth sealed,
Now lies in a tin of morphine.

Copyright ©1973, 2000 Bruce Phillips 

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