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Nothing Gets Old Anymore chords - Utah Phillips

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Nothing Gets Old Anymore Sheet music
Nothing Gets Old Anymore
Utah Phillips
Starlight On the Rails
November 29, 2008

Nothing Gets Old Anymore
3/4 Time

 D           A7      D
Nothing gets old any-more
  G                  D
Nothing gets old any-more
 G                D
Nothing to patch up or fix or mend
  G                     D
Nothing is worth even half
What you spend
  G                       D
And nothing can help you buy
Back an old friend
         A7                D
Cause nothing gets old any-more

When the big event was the west-bound stage
A carpenter then was worth his wage,
And whatever he built was built to age
Like some fine and ancient wine.
With skillful touch and patient hand
He built on rock and sage and sand,
And left behind El Capitan***
To weather the passing of time.

Now through her bones the Norther wails,
Drifting sand on the long brass rails
Where tin-horn gamblers polished their nails
And hustled the dance hall w***es.
Her hardwood floors and polished beams
Bore the weight of a thousand dreams,
'Til the dried-up range and played-out seams
Boarded her windows and doors.

The hotel served the railroad line,
But the highway followed close behind
With cheap motels and flashing signs
And the European Plan.
It took a ton of powder to kill
What was built with love and pride and skill.
Build another? You never will,
Like the old El Capitan.

Copyright ©1973, 2000 Bruce Phillips

***A bar in Northern Arizona(vg note) from Phillips' Notes" 

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