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Crime Of Passion chords by Ricky Van Shelton

Ricky Van Shelton Chords

"Crime Of Passion"
By Ricky Van Shelton

 [F]                                              [F][A#]
 She had a rag-top Eldorado, "tuck-in-row pleat".
 [F]                                                                 [A#][F]
 She picked me up in Colorado...and put me right in the drivers seat.
 I said "I got no know I got no job".
 She said "I tell you what honey...let's find a place to rob".
 [A#]                                                                  [A#][D#]
 Now the man at the station's name was Jim...I saw it sewed on his shirt.
 I told him "do what I'll live another day...nobody's gotta get 
 It was a crime of passion.                              [F][A#]
   She took me  by the heart when she took me  by the hand.
 Crime of passion.               [A#][F]   
   A beautiful woman and a desperate man.
 [Riff (2nd half)]
 Well I thought the thing was over...she was countin' the cash.
 When an unmarked Chevy Nova, made the blue lights flash.
 She said "officer?  Would you help me please?"
 I looked at her...and she was pointin' at me.
 You see Jim at the station played his part...he talked a little perjury.
 He went to great leave out a name...he was a future ex-husband
   ...can't you see?
 [Riff (whole)]
 Now the cop at the station's name was Joe...saw it on his badge on his shirt.
 He said "you'll never get away...just do what we say...nobody's gotta get hurt."
 Crime of passion...
 [Riff (whole)]
 It was a crime of passion...(done over riff)
 [Riff ad nauseum]


Ricky Van Shelton ChordsRicky Van Shelton Lyrics

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