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Somebody Lied chords by Ricky Van Shelton

Ricky Van Shelton Chords

Subject: Song Submission

     Recorded by:  Ricky VanShelton
     Submitted by: George Richardson

     I learned to play this song by ear off the radio.  I play it with my
     fret bar on the second fret to bring the song into my voice range.

     (C) Hello, Yah this is me.  Lord it's been a long long (F) time.
     I know this ain't no (C) social call, so go (G7) ahead get it off
     your mind.  (C) You heard what?  Well it ain't true.  I was here
     most all last (F) night.  I got over you the (C) day you left.
     Could it (G7) be somebody lied.

     (C) They said what?  That i was cryin'.  I haven't shed a tier in
     (F) years.  That I spoke your name.  Well (C) that's insane.  I
     hardly (G7) noticed your not here.  That I (C) showed your picture
     to a stranger.  Don't you (F) think I got no pride.  They (C) been
     here face down on the shelf.  Lord I (G7) bet somebody (C) lied.

     But if (F) they were true.  What would it matter to you?  Would it
     (C) change the way you feel?  If the (F) rumors were right, would
     you be here tonight?  To (C) help this old heart (G7) heal.  Well
     don't worry it wasn't me.  (F) Just someone whose world was torn into.
     Someone who looks a (C) lot like me and (G7) loves someone like
     (C) you.  So (F) forget the tiers I (C) never cried.  Lord I'll
     (G7) bet somebody (C) lied.

Ricky Van Shelton ChordsRicky Van Shelton Lyrics

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