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Lucky As Me chords - Phil Vassar

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Lucky As Me
(Phil Vassar)

Key = F; capo 3rd Chord Key = D (to match the recording)
(adjust capo as needed for your vocal range)
(note:  use "Courier New" font for proper spacing)

Intro:  D  G  G/E  Asus-A    (Pick twice, strum twice; 2 beats per chord)

D       G       G/E        A         D    G   G/E   Asus
  Ain't got  a  B     M    dou -ble  yew.    (note: this is "W")  
  I've  got  a  truck note over   -  due.
  I     ain't a million  - aire it's true,
  But I got it  all  when  I   got   you.

    Bm    G           D       Asus-A
The rich  man's  got  nothin' on   me,
    Bm    G           D       A
       No there ain't an -y - bo - dy.

N.C.        D      G     G/E       A
As lucky as me, I  got a four leaf clover.
            Got an angel ov -er my shoulder,

         D       G             G/E           Asus     
       I wake up laughin' yeah life is but a dream.
         C2      C2      A         A       
         I can't even be-lieve, As lucky as

         D       G          G/E           A
         me, Oh  Ba-by      I   can't     lose.  
     I'm on  a   roll and I owe it all to you.

         D        G              G/E     Asus
       I thank my stars for your love so sweet.
         C2      C2          A      A       [D   G  G/E  Asus-A] 2x's
         Every - body should be, as lucky as me.

D     G        G/E       A          D    G   G/E   Asus
Ain't got the  fin - er  things and such,
Guess all I've got's the Mi  -  das touch.
Ain't got    a lot  but  you  could say,
I     hit the  jack-pot  eve  -  ry-day.

Bm     G           D        Asus-A
Long   as  you're  standin' by   me,
Bm     G           D        A
  Girl there ain't an - y - bo - dy.

Repeat chorus but at end play [D   G  G/E  Asus] 3x's then C2 G A
Repeat Chorus and add "yeah, as lucky as me"; end on D chord

Chords used:
D xx0232    G  320033    G/E 022033    Asus xx2230    
A x02220    Bm xx4432    C2  032030    N.C. "no chord"
"Asus-A" means play a 1 beat downstroke on each chord (Asus and A)        

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