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Shadow Blues chords - Laura Veirs

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                Shadow Blues
Laura Veirs
E |---------------------------------------------|
B |------------2-----4--------------------------|
G |-----3--3-----------5-------3----------------|
D |---3------3-----------6-------4--------------|
A |-1-------------------------------------------|
E |---------------4---------2-------4-----------|

[Bbm]There's a shadow beneath the sea
There's a s[G#]hadow betwe[F#]en y[G#]ou an[Bbm]d me
[Bbm]I've learned that love is scared of light
Thousand seeds from[G#] a flower
Blowing thro[F#]ugh t[G#]he n[Bbm]ight

Verse (Bbm G# F# G# Bbm)Your blackened kiss on my cheek
Your blackened kiss runs river deepA stranded fish dear, i'm on the sandBlue water from a poolUp to the clouds i'll land
Verse (Bbm G# F# G# Bbm)Though i am dark 'bout the whys of wantingThough i am dark, i'm still a child
[Bbm]Gonna dig a [Bbm]coal [D#m]mine,
[D#m]Climb down d[Bbm]eep i[G#]nside
[Fm]Where my shadow's got one place to [G#]go
One place to hi[F#]de...

Laura Veirs ChordsLaura Veirs Lyrics

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Veirs Laura
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