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Spelunking chords by Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs Chords

Laura Veirs
The ti[Em]ny midnight caravan
Made its w[G]ay across the black hills
As I watc[Am]hed from a distance
The slo[C]w-going glow
Their wan[Am]dering you know
Made me pi[D]ne
For the la[G]mplight
Where you l[C]ie
Where you l[E]ie

If[Em] I took you darling
To the ca[G]verns of my heart
Would you ligh[Am]t the lamp dear?
Would you light[C] the lamp dear?
And see fi[Am]sh without eyes
[D]Bats with their heads
Hanging do[G]wn towards the ground
Would you st[C]ill come around?
Come arou[E]nd?

(Solo on the same chords)

[Em]I believe in you
In your ho[G]nesty and your eyes
[Am]Even when I'm sloshing
In the muck[C] of my demise
A la[Am]rge part of me
Is a[D]lways and forever tied
To the lampli[G]ght
Of your [C]eyes
Of your e[E]yes

Laura Veirs ChordsLaura Veirs Lyrics

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Laura Veirs

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