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She's Acting Single chords - Wade Hayes

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Wade Hayes Sheet music
E          A          B7           A                       E
I've seen men look at her before  When they think I don't see
              A       B7                    F#m          B7
I'd like to think it makes me proud But I'm only fooling me
E              A         B7          A                  E
Cause I know she'll be looking back The minute I'm not there
           E         A       B7
While she pours her-self on some stranger 
    A             B7         E
I pour myself a drink some-where

E              A                   E
She's acting single I'm drinking doubles  
           F#m                   E
I hide my pain  I'll drown my troubles
               A                     E
My heart is breaking like the tiny bubbles
              F#m   A                      E
She's acting single    and I'm drinkin' doubles

Key change
F       Bb       C7                 Bb                  F   
I know what she plans to do  But I don't know where or when
          Bb               C7           Gm                     C7 
And if I ask her who that stranger was She'll just say an old friend
F        Bb     C7          Bb                     F
I'm not weak I tell myself    I stay because I'm strong
F            Bb      C7             Bb             C7       F    
But truth is I'm not man enough to stop her from doing me wrong

F              Bb                  F
She's acting single I'm drinking doubles  
          Gm    Bb                  F
I hide my pain     I'll drown my troubles
              Bb                     F 
My heart is breaking like the tiny bubbles
              Gm    Bb                    F
She's acting single    and I'm drinkin' doubles
Go to chorus, chorus, to ending

                   Gm    Bb                     F
Yeah she's acting single    and I'm drinkin' doubles 

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