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Summer Was A Bummer chords - Wade Hayes

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                SUMMER WAS A BUMMER


Hello Mary Ann
F                  G             C
Can't Tell You How Good It Is To See You Again
How's Your Mother Your Dad And Brother
                            C   G
Have You Still Got That 'Ol Dog?
Ah I've been fine
F                G            C
Tell Me What Was College like In Caroline
You sure You Really Want To Know
Well here's The Way Without You Goes

  F               F7-G-C
Summer Was A Bummer
  F                                                 C
A No Good For Nothing Fall And The Winter Brought A Lot Of Snow
          F               F7-G-C
We Had A Bumper Crop Planted 
       F                                        C
And It All Got Washed Away In The Worst weather Ever
    Dm                          C            F          G       C
And don't you know. without You Around There Wasn't Any Love To Grow

You're Kiddin' Me 
You're Really Moving Back Here, Finally
Well Thats Great, I Can't Wait
Do You Know What You're Number's Gonna Be?
Well How 'bout tonight?
Right Now's Just Fine With Me, Right Now's Just Right
You Know I Still Do, Even Back When I Didn't Hear From You
All Last Year

Summer Was A Bummer
A No Good For Nothing Fall And The Winter Brought A Lot Of Snow
We've got a Bumper Crop Planted 
And granted I don't know a whole lot about the weather
One Thing I Do Know, With You Back Around
A Whole Lotta Love's Gonna Grow

With You Back Around
A Whole Lotta Love's Gonna Grow

Hello Mary Ann


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