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End Of The Rainbow Inn chords - Chris Wall

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                End of the Rainbow Inn 
- Chris Wall 

Submitted by Casey Heilman

capo 2
Intro (Rough Draft)

G D C    -   G D C

G                                          C      G
Let's flop that tailgate down, on this old pickup truck
G                                                D 
let our bootheels dangle in some fine west Texas dust
G                                          C      G
We'll tell a few stories and we'll swap a few lies
G                                   D           G 
and under no circumstances, try and justify our lives.

Bought my first drink here, back in nineteen  seventy-three
and that honkytonk right there boys, seems like a mother to me
they moved that damn highway, and they killed this whole town
and tommorow they're gonna rip and tear that great old lady down

G                   D       C
It's the end of the Rainbow Inn, 
G                                                 D
they're boardin' up those barroom doors ; they'll never swing again
D             G                                            C~~~~~~~~
All in all it might be time, just one letter flickers on a neon sign
G                   D       C
It's the end of the Rainbow Inn, 

I first learned to love ; in this very parking lot
That broken whiskey bottle, more or less marks the spot
Where ole Donna Sue Brady, fired one last parting shot
pass that flask over here ; by the only one that's hot

Was the last place I saw Tommy, fore he went off to war
that would'a been the summer we worked the hardware store.
he said I gotta get away ; I mean I've gotta fly
'fore I waste my life at the dairy queen; just watchin' trucks roll by


Guitar Solo
Slide Solo

If I dwell on these mem'ries; hell they're all that I've got left.
That and a stack of dusty letters and a pile of old regrets
No you guys go on inside; I think I'll sit right here
And watch this lovin' country all but disappear.

It's the end of the Rainbow Inn. 

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