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Something To Shoot chords - Chris Wall

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                Something To Shoot

C              F              C     
I was born and raised way out west
        C                       D           G
But the thing that I like 'bout livin' here best
   C                                     F           C
It ain't the mountains, the valleys, the hats or the boots
     C                         G            C
It's havin' plenty of guns and something to shoot

We got shotguns and sixguns, got a s**tload of guns
Shootin' farmers and critters is a s**tload of fun
I don't care about the money, I don't care about the loot
Give me Jack Daniels whiskey and something to shoot

Now there's a whole herd of hell right there in a line
But it's a pain in the ass to shoot them one at a time
And I'm way below quota, I've had a bad day
Boy, what I wouldn't give for just one hand grenade

I don't care about the future, I don't care about the past
As long as I've got some creatures to blast
We got deer, we got elk, we got old owls that hoot
And when I’ve killed 'em all, there'll be Yankees to shoot

Don't you tailgate me, son, get off my back
I got a 30 ought-6 right here in the rack
And this ain't New Jersey, we don't honk, we don't yell
And if you touch that bumper, I'll blow you to hell

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