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Fly chords - Wayne Mills Band

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(written by: Wayne Mills)

E                                 F#m   G#m    E F#m G#m  A                          D         A         E F#m G#m
The day I knew I was old enough to fly        /        I left the nest and hit that open sky

A                             D                                E                           A
I spread my wings so far and wide / I could touch the horizon on both sides

D                        A                               (E  F#m G#m - 4X)
I turned my head, smiled, and said goodbye

E                         F#mG#m     E F#m G#m   A                 D              A            E F#m G#m
I’ve never felt so aimless and free       /      I had no plan, that was alright by me

A                    D                  E                A
Just ride the wind, it was cool / everything looked brand new

D                            A                   (E F#m G#m – 2X)
Clear blue skies as far as I could see


(Short solo)  A  D  E   A  D  A (E  F#m  G#m – 2X)

I made a lot of friends along the ride / some still fly, others never try

To the ones on the ground I wish you well / I’ve missed you since the day you fell

I’ll see you in that sweet by and by


(Solo) (D  A  E  F#m  G#m – 2X)  A  D  E  A  D  A  (E  F#m  G#m  - 2X)


I pray I always float above the trees / soaring high searching for my dreams

I know some day I’ll have to land / when I do I hope it’s in sand

I’ll rest there until the day I die

Then I’ll fly, fly, and fly…

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Wayne Mills Band
Buy Wayne Mills Band CD

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