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Things We Did Alright chords - Wayne Mills Band

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                 Things We Did Alright
(written by: Wayne Mills)

Intro:  A  F#m  B7  E


A                                    F#m                            B7
Last night an old friend called me up and said put your clothes on son

D                                         E                                     A   E
Come out and meet me I’m watchin’ Rollin’ in the Hay

A                    F#m                         B7
We sat talked all night long about him, his son, and his wife

           D                           E                    A    E
And how the years just seem to slip away




                               A                     D                        A                    F#m
Last night we were drinkin’ beer, talkin’ ‘bout our younger years

          B7                        E                      A        E
And all the things we thought we did alright

                     A                  D                A                F#m
Like pickin’ guitars in the moonlight, sittin’ by a fire

   B7                       E                     A    E
Smoozin’ on the girls we really love


(Solo) A  F#m  B7  D  E  A  E


A                        F#m                B7         


Now we’re both married men, seems we’re done with our wilder ways


         D                              E                    A         E
To say we’ve come this far well I am amazed

      A                                F#m                     B7
But who’s to say that we don’t deserve the good things in our lives

          D                                   E                   A    E
Just because we had a little fun along the ride




D                                                  A
We’d throw on our overalls and head to the river bank

D                                                  A
Fish and drink until the break of dawn

D                                                                A                           F#m
Now he’s got a pretty wife and child, hey I gotta pretty wife too

B7                                                                          E
But to say we’re done with our care free days oh son you’d be a fool




Repeat first line of chorus

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Wayne Mills Band
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