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Hard Livin' chords by Keith Whitley

Keith Whitley Chords

Well you can call out the sheriff and the highway patrol 
There's a fool on the road careening out of control 
     A                                     E 
Hard liquor, fast women, I can't leave 'em be 
        B                                       E 
Lord, I wish hard livin' didn't come so easy to me 
I keep my engine revin' and my beer on ice 
My idea of heaven is a pair 'a dice 
Seven come eleven, set this poor boy free 
        B                                        E 
Lord, I wish hard livin' didn't come so easy for me 
Bright lights, Saturday night 
  E                                              B  A 
I must've had a couple, I'm a-feelin' all right 
My cupcake, can shimmy and shake 
F#                     B             C  B 
Spends more money than anybody makes      
Well give me some more high octane juice 
You know there ain't no cure except for honky tonk blues 
A                                        E 
I come up with somethin' other than a nudity???? 
       B                                        E 
Lord I wish hard livin' didn't come so easy for me 
Out on the town just a foolin around 
      E                                 B  A 
Hey I got my mind on the lost and found 
Step up, no need to be shy 
         F#                         B               C  B 
You know every pretty woman's got a ticket to ride 
Well, my tires are flat and I'm out of gas 
I always promise myself I'll let the next one pass 
        A                                       E  
Lord, I wish that a promise didn't break so easily 
      B                                        E  
And I wish hard livin' didn't come so easy for me

Keith Whitley ChordsKeith Whitley Lyrics

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