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Raining On The Plains Again chords - John Williamson

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Galah they know that its that time		(SARAH) 
upside down on the power line 
making a family on their minds 
its raining on the plains again 
can you hear it drummin on the old tin sheet	(JOHN) 
no better sound to make you fall asleep 
to dream of tonne crops and big fat sheep 
its raining on the plains again 
A		      D           A 
Havn't seen the warrambungles all day		(SARAH) 
A			    D         A 
theres a fair chance so the old folks say 
A				  D  -  A 
reminds them of the storm back in 58 
A              E      A 
thunder on the plains again 
A                               D       A 
looks like the break we've been looking for	(JOHN) 
A                          D      A 
the dogs are doing dounuts on the lawn 
A			    D         A 
chasin their tales they can smell the storm   	(BOTH) 
A              E      A 
raining on the plains again			(JOHN) 
    D			    A 
You can't make money out of dirt thats dry	(BOTH) 
E			 A 
bring on the rain from a stormy sky 
       D			A  	 D 
grab a beer from the fridge and raise it high 
	   A		  E      A 
cause, its raining on the plains again 
INSTRUMENTAL	A/E/A x 4    (something like that, I just fill here) 
The last time the dog did that,			(SARAH) 
couldn't get to my ute for the fences and logs 
couldn't sleep with the noise 
from the mozzies and the frogs  
from the storm on the plains again 
Galah they know that its that time		(JOHN) 
upside down on the power line 
making a family on their minds		(BOTH 
its raining on the plains again			(JOHN) 
INSTRUMENTAL - Spoken, 'Raining on the plains' (JOHN)

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