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Woman On The Land chords - John Williamson

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John Williamson Sheet music
F  G   F   C         
shes my mother, she's my aunty,
       F                      C
she is many that i've known
     F                   C         D7                      G7
the backbone of the bush,   where country kids have grown
      C                               F                    C
she's raised and she's nurtured those children of her own
          F            G7                   F   C
while her man does his battles on the land
       F                        C        F                   C
and he comes on from the shearing, still aching in the back
    F                C                D7                G7
the kids are finally tucked away, her days are never slack
        C                             F                     C
but she makes it look so easy, as she cooks him up a storm
       F               G              F   
that unselfish, unsung hero of the land

C    F    G    F    C

she's keeping books, she's nursing
        F                   C
raising money for the town
          F                 F       D7                   G7
she's the last one standing,   when all is falling down
  C                       F                     C 
ferocious as a tiger to defend her little clan
   F        G7                 F  C
my hero the woman on the land
   F           C             F                     C
so i propose a toast, to the mothers that we know
F               C                D7                G7
proud to be the better half, who really run the show
    C                        F                  C
and if you shed a tear boys, i will understand
       F        G               F
to our hero the woman on the land

C   C   F   C   F   G   F   C

       F                       C    F                    C
and he comes in from the harvest, a dissapointing yield
     F              C             D7           G7
he's tired and he's dusty, twelve hours in the field
      C                                     F                       C
and although her day's been  difficult, she greets him with a smile
       F               G              F
that unselfish, unsung hero of the land

C   C   F   C   F   G   F   C

       F          G               F   C
to our hero,  the woman on the land

John Williamson ChordsJohn Williamson Lyrics

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