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He Dont Care About Me chords - Kelly Willis

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Kelly Willis Sheet music
Kelly Willis     He Don't Care About Me  written by Bruce Robison

Kelly Willis   vocals
Jim Boquist    harmony/bass
Jay Farrar     guitar/mandolin
Mike Heidorn   drums
Dave Boquist   banjo

need corrections on lyrics 

B             E              B
Woke up alone staring at the ceiling 
         F#      B
Cant get back to sleep
                   E       B              F#   B
Thinking   how you left me crying broken  memories
E            B
See his face in all my dreams
Just won't let me be
G#m         B
I'd like to be his honey
          F#         B    G#m B  F#   B
He  don't care about me
B             E          B               F#    B
Woke up alone staring at another ceiling in my face
                 E       B                F#       B
Lord I tried but I can't never nobody can take his place
E          B
I can't go on much longer
Dreaming in misery
G#m         B
I'd like to be his honey
          F#         B    
He  don't care about me
E                B
He' gone so long and all alone
B                E
Too far gone to try
All those dreams and all those scenes 
      C#           F#
Still living in my mind


B              E        B 
I go down town drink my liquor
B      F#      B
Untill I'm too numb  ???
               E             B           F#     B              
Drunk or blind it gets there quickly far away I run
E                  B
And when I die my tangled soul
Will finally be set free
G#m         B
I'd like to be his honey
          F#         B    
He  don't care about me

>From "Uprooted"
Shanachie Records
Bruce Robison Music(BMI)

Kelly Willis ChordsKelly Willis Lyrics

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