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Sincerely chords - Kelly Willis

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Kelly Willis Sheet music
Kelly Willis     Sincerely   written by  Steve Earle
           Too Late To Turn Back Now    Robert Earl Keen

Steuart Smith     guitar
Paul Franklin     steel guitar
Larrie Londin     drums
Brad Fordham      bass
John Jarvis       keyboards
Richard Bennett   acoustic guitar

B                       F#        B 
I could tell you I came by to say hello 
                    F#                    B  B7
But I knew good and well that you weren't home 
Now these lines I write 
Will reach you by midnight 
                   F#    G#m   E 
Tell you that it's over, anyhow 
B              F#                B
Sincerely, too late to turn back now 
B                   F#           B
Blue words on white paper find a way 
                    F#               B  B7
To say what I'm not strong enough to say 
If I stay to say goodbye 
Someone's bound to cry 
                             F#                 G#m E
And I don't think that I can stand to hear that sound 
B              F#             B
Sincerely, too late turn back now 


I don't need to sign my name 
E                       B
Cause you know me by now 
And I won't have to take the blame 
When tears come falling down 
B                    F#            G#m  E
I just ain't got the heart to hang around 
B              F#                 G#m  E
Sincerely, too late to turn back now 
B      F#              B
P.S. I guess I let you down

From Kelly Willis "Bang Bang"
MCA Records 1991

Kelly Willis ChordsKelly Willis Lyrics

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