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Every Now And Then chords - Trent Willmon

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                Every Now and Then - Trent Willmon

D                     G                       A
Every now and then I go out with a friend or two
And have a few rounds
                          G                    A
I make it home by ten but I remember when I used
To close that place down
Bm                       F#m
The whiskey and the smoke and a couple tasteless jokes
G                        D
Don't taste the way they did
              G                     A
I just do it every now and then to remind myself why
G             A             D
I just do it every now and then

And every now and then I surrender to a whim, my wheels
Wind up west of town
And I turn down that street that just turns out to be a road
I shouldn't go back down
All those memories they've turned to ghosts and weeds
I don't wanna hurt like that again
I just do it every now and then to remeind myself why
I just do it every now and then

Bm                      G               A
Sometimes I forget, why things in my past 
Are things my past
Bm                         G                  
Sometimes to see clear why I left there for here 
I gotta take a step back

Every now and then I spend a minute with the man
I was 'til I met you
And I wak those empty miles, reminisce and reconcile and I smile
At the me you never knew
He's goot for a good laugh, but anything beyon dthat
I don't wanna relive
I just do it every now and then to remind myself why
I just do it every now and then



Every now and then I go out with a friend or two
And have a few rounds


D 	 xx0232
G 	 320033
A 	 x0222x
Bm 	 x24432
F#m 	 244322 

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