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Island chords - Trent Willmon

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                CAPO III


She's like the ocean, that takes my breath away
Endless and open, and in a moment she can change
Like water flowin' and fillin' up my soul
No way of knowin' how deep she really goes
        Bm             A                 G
And sometimes I can predict her like the tides
        Bm                  A           G     A7
And somedays her storm will take me surprise

            G                                D
But I'm her rock upon the shoreline, I'm her piece of solid ground
            G                D      D/C#         Bm                  A7
And I'm the one that she can lean on    when her waves come crashin' down
          G                    D         D/C#  Bm        A    G
And she's afraid that with the rain I'll drift away and disappear
             Em                 A7                        G    
But she's my ocean, and I'm her island, I ain't goin' anywhere


What she don't know is before she came along
I was goin' nowhere, so close to bein' gone
Bm           A               G
Just another drifter lost at sea
Bm                A       G          A7
Until the day her love surrounded me


SOLO: G  D  G  D  Bm  D  G  A7

          G                    D         D/C#  Bm            A G
And she's afraid that with the rain I'll drift away and I'll disappear
But I'm stayin' right here
                Em                 A7                       G     D   G  D
'Cause she's my ocean, and I'm her island, I ain't goin' anywhere
     D/C# Bm    G    D
Yeah I'm    her island

CHORDS without capo:

D = F
D/C# = F/E
G = Bb
A7 = C7
Bm = Dm
Em = Am 

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Willmon Trent
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