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I Dont Think You Love Me chords - Jesse Winchester

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Jesse Winchester Sheet music

Jesse Winchester  I Don't Think You  written by by Jesse Winchester
                   Love Me Anymore 

Bruce Dees     guitar
Jim Horn       sax
Bobby Ogdin    keyboards
David Pomeroy  bass 
Steve Turner   drums

C                Am
Lately I've been thinking dear 
And this is not like me 
I'm good at being blind to things 
     Dm      G       C
That I don't want to see 
C                     Am
Now you don't seem so cuddly with me 
Like you were before 
     G                             C   F  G
Gee, I don't think you love me anymore 
C               Am
Don't paint any pictures for me 
I see for myself 
G                             Dm        G       C
I bet anything that you're in love with someone else 
C           Am 
I bet in no time at all 
You're showing me the door 
     G                             C
Hey, I don't think you love me anymore 
Dm                 G
Now you don't play footsy with me 
C                   Am
We don't sleep like spoons 
We don't snuggle up and dance 
   Dm                 G
To sweet old doo-wop tunes 
C                      Am
And we don't kiss like Eskimos 
    Dm               Fm
And lock the bedroom door 
     G                            C
Gee, I don't think you love me anymore 


C              Am
Gee, I guess I should have known 
That it would end this way 
If you can't win on every hand 
     Dm        G       C
Then you don't want to play 
C                  Am
And you don't even care enough 
To let me know the score 
G                             C
Oh, I don't think you love me anymore 
Ah, no 
Dm                    G       C
Oh, I don't think you love me anymore 

From Jesse Winchester "Humour Me" 
Sugar Hill Records 1988
Musique Chanteclair(ASCAP)

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