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Snow chords - Jesse Winchester

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Jesse Winchester Sheet music
|F#- |/ |C#- |E |/

      E                         E
I was tuning in the six o'clock news cast
        E                     B
And the weather man mentioned snow
   B                    B
As soon as I heard that four-letter word
    B                  E
I’s making my plans to go
   E                    E
If I was a bird I could fly back South
  E7                 A
A bear I could go to sleep
A                    E
Anything rather than hang around here
         B                   E        E
When the snow starts getting deep

    A                            E
Now you know what they say about snow flakes
          A                F#
How there ain't no two the same
      A                     E
Well, all them flakes look alike to me
      A              F#-
Every one is a dirty shame
   A                E
My ears are cold my feet are cold
   A                F#
Bermuda stays on my mind
    A                       E
And I'm here to say that if winter comes
     A               F#-     F#-
Then spring is way behind

E  /  E  B
B  /  /  E

  E                   E
I don't have no heavy hip boots
  E                   B
I don't have no furry hat
  B                       B
I don't have no long-john underwear
   B                   E
No layer of protective fat
    E                     E
I'd take a plane right to sunny Spain
        E7              A
Oh, but I don't have no dough
        A                      E
But I'd build a bridge and I'd walk there
        B                 E
To get away from all that snow
            A                  E
Oh, I would build a bridge and walk there
        B                 E      A   E   B   E ||
To get away from all that snow

[Thanks to Otto for tabs]

Jesse Winchester ChordsJesse Winchester Lyrics

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