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I Love Her, She Hates Me chords - Darryl Worley

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                Intro: (D)  (D)  (C)  (G)  (D)  

I was (D) sittin' at the bar with my buddies
Dis(Bm)cussin' the state of the world
(A) Everyone had an opinion
Then (G) somebody turned and asked (A) Earl
Is the (D) stockmarket gonna recover
Or (Bm) will in wind up in the tank
He (A) looked down at his glass of bourbon
He said, "I (C) love her, she (G) hates me, I (D) drink"

  (G) Wall Street don't (A) run out by (D) my house
  I (G) don't put much (A) stock in their (D) game (D/F#)
  Just (G) 3 things in (A) this world con(D)cern me
  I (C) love her, she (G) hates me, I (D) drink

Repeat Intro

Well, he (D) went back to minding his memories
For a(Bm)while there we left him alone
We (A) went back to minding our business
And the (G) Cowboys and Packers came (A) on
(D) Bill tapped old Earl on the shoulder
He asked, (Bm) "Who do you like in this game"
(A) He said, "For me the game's over
I (C) love her, she (G) hates me, and I (D) drink"

  You can (G) count on a (A) winner and a (D) loser
  What (G) I think don't (A) change a damn (D) thing (D/F#)
  Just (G) 3 things in (A) this world con(D)cern me
  I (C) love her, she (G) hates me, I (D) drink

Solo:  (D)  (D)  (G)  (G)  (A)  (A)  (C)  (G)  (D)  (D)

  Yeah, (G) Wall Street don't (A) run out by (D) my house
  It's a (G) far cry from (A) Memory (D) Lane (D/F#)
  Just (G) 3 things in (A) this world con(D)cern me
  I (C) love her...
  God, she (G) hates me, I (D) drink  (D)  (D)  (C)  (G)  (D)

Darryl Worley ChordsDarryl Worley Lyrics

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