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Tennessee River Run chords - Darryl Worley

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                Darryl Worley – Tennessee River Run

Worked all week
Got it all done
                               C    G C
Let’s make the Tennessee River Run.

Hey everybody, I think the time is right
Let’s get together, down where the catfish bite
Cooped up all winter, waitin’ on a day like this
It’s the way I feel when I’m rockin’ on the water
Baby that I can’t resist.

Barbecue grill, summer time jam
                            G       C
Just about a mile above the Pickwick Dam

Party on the water, whole lotta fun
                           G     C     G C
Time to make the Tennessee River Run.

C                                          G
I’ll get my bass boat, crank up your party barge
We’ll drop these anchors, out where the big boats are
Break out a cooler, pass out some ice cold beer
Look at all the people out here on the water
Man I can’t believe we’re here.

Swingin’ on a rope, gonna have a ball
                             G     C
Jumpin’ off the Yellow Creek Waterfall
Checkin’ out the hunnies, bakin’ in the sun
                        G     C    G C
God bless the Tennessee River Run.

C G C F G 

Bridge: (x2)
Do dee ‘n do dee
Do dee ‘n do
Do dee ‘n do dee 
       G      C
Do dee doodle do.

C                                        G
Oh what a weekend we’ve had some time to play
I should be leavin’, tomorrow’s a work week day
I just might call in, tell them that I can’t get home
Does anybody else wanna stay a little longer?
Or am I gonna be alone?

Floatin’ on a tube, gonna weigh a ton
                   G       C    G C
Cajun sausage on a hot dog bun.

Barbecue grill, summer time jam
                            G       C
Just about a mile above the Pickwick Dam

Party on the water, whole lotta fun
                       G     C     G C
Gotta have a Tennessee River Run.

Bridge: (x2)
Do dee ‘n do dee
Do dee ‘n do
Do dee ‘n do dee 
       G      C
Do dee doodle do.

C                        G     C
Nothing like a Tennessee River Run
                     G     C
I love the Tennessee River Run
                            C     G C
Woke up the Tennessee River Run.

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