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Tears For Two tabs - Dwight Yoakam

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                Dwight Yoakam  -  Tears For Two (tab)

Play all of the lead in this song heavily muted with a slight echo effect.

F     =   133211                             G     =   320003

Bb    =   x13331                             C     =   x32010


F  G  Bb  F    G  Bb  F

F                 G       Bb              F
Luck found me too late to be what I could use,
                       G              Bb            F
And caught me tempting fate still red-handed and confused.
                  G             Bb               F  
Pride has sent me where there's not much left to lose,
                    G            Bb                F
Then cruelly let me care, and convinced me I could choose.


      C          Bb                  F 
About you, as if there was one small chance
      C            Bb           F
To be through with everything I can't.
                         Bb        F
So even if this worn out heart was new,
                    C          F
And all its foolish hopes were true.
                  Bb         F
This one lifetime just won't do,
                         C         F     G  Bb  F    G  Bb  F
'Cause I've cried enough tears for two.  (intro picking) 

F             G         Bb               F
Dreaming only served to take my restless sleep,
                            G       Bb              F
Stealing comfort from these eyes so desperate for relief.
                G             Bb             F
Fueled by empty promises they never meant to keep,
                G                 Bb               F
Leaving me with nothing more than endless years to weep.

      C          Bb                  F 
About you, as if there was one small chance
      C            Bb           F
To be through with everything I can't.
                         Bb        F
So even if this worn out heart was new,
                    C          F
And all its foolish hopes were true.
                  Bb         F
This one lifetime just won't do,
                         C         F     
'Cause I've cried enough tears for two. 

F  G  Bb  F    G  Bb  F

      C          Bb                  F 
About you, as if there was one small chance
      C            Bb           F
To be through with everything I can't.
                         Bb        F
So even if this worn out heart was new,
                    C          F
And all its foolish hopes were true.
                  Bb         F
This one lifetime just won't do,
                         C         F     
'Cause I've cried enough tears for two.  

F  G  Bb  F    G  Bb  F
SECOND GUITAR SOLO      (repeat chords to fade)



   F    G    Bb       F       G     Bb      F



   F         G        Bb     F                    G          Bb               F


   F    G     Bb      F       G     Bb      F                     G
   Bb               F                  G              Bb            F

           G       Bb      F                  G       Bb                F  

                                     (fades out 2nd time through)


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