Ray Stevens, The Dooright Family Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Ray Stevens, The Dooright Family Tabs, Chords

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Ray Stevens - The Dooright Family (Chords)

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Lyrics: Ray Stevens
Performed by Ray Stevens
>From the album "Collector's Edition"

I want to tell you a story 'bout the Dooright family
That soul singin' gospel group from the hills of Tennessee
They travel in a silver eagle with eight rooms and a shower
And every Sunday afternoon you can tune 'em in on the Dooright

Oh, yes friends and neighbors, we are the Dooright family
Broadcastin' over the airwaves from Nashville, Tennessee
Reach over and turn up your radios and we'll bring our music to ya
And pretty soon you'll shout hallelujah (hallelujah)

Well you got to do right, do right, do right, do right
Do right, do right, do right, do right
Yes, if you do do right ya know you can't go wrong

Here's brother Thurman... „Howdy neighbors!š
Sister Doris and sister Dewdrop... „Praise gloryš
Oh, bless your hearts girls
„Bless your heart too Daddyš
„Bless your heart Daddyš
„Bless your heart Virgilš
„Bless your heart Mamaš
„Bless your heart Dorisš
„Bless your heart Dewdropš
„Bless your heart Virgilš
„Bless your heart Thurmanš
„Bless your heart Mamaš
„Good night John Boyš
„Bless your heart President Eisenhower and all the boys overseasš
All right, hold it! That's enough heart blessin'!

Here's brother Virgil... „Lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, Oh lordyš
Atta boy Virgil, and of course friends, I'm daddy Dooright

No show would be complete, we wouldn't dare delete
She can't be beat, you're in for a treat
She'll sweep you off-a your feet, so hang on to your seat
Prepare to meet and greet our dear sweet Mama

„Hallelujah, friends never give in to that sin and temptation lurkin' in
the shadows but constantly strive toward that burnin' beacon on the
distant horizon" (sobs)

Hallelujah!... Mama, Okay now, that's enough Punch Mama, Virgil.
„Now play the pianer Mamaš

Well, one afternoon at an all night sing
They were makin' them rafters ring
Had that audience clappin' on one and three, mercy
Wasn't too long 'fore they hit a groove
And then the spirit began to move ol' Thurman right over the edge
And he began to preach

„Lord!, uh-huh, I just wanna say a few words uh-huh, őbout them
discotheques, uh-huh, people‚s in there drinkin', uh-huh people‚s in
there smokin', uh-huh people‚s in there dancin', uh-huh, where they just
git out there in a big pile, uh-huh, and jus' girate around like a
bunch' o wild heathens, uh-huh, I tell you flock, uh-huh, them
discotheques, uh-huh, ain't nothin' but a regular Sodom and Gomorrah,
uh-huh... Where you goin', Virgil, uh-huh?š
„I'm goin' to one o' them discothequesš
„You come back here Virgil!š
„Never give in to that sin and temptation lurkin' in the shadows...š
„Okay, Mama...š
„But constantly strive towards that burnin' beacon on the distant
horizon (sobs)š
„Okay that's enough. Punch Mama, Virgil.š
„Now play the pianer Mamaš

Well the tears were streamin' down every face
There wasn't a dry eye in the place
One woman had her eyes rolled back and she was speaking in tongues
Yeah, even the Doorights were moved by the sermon
And Daddy reached out and he hugged ol' Thurman
And they all sang the last chorus like it'd never been sung

Well you got to do right, do right, do right, do right
Do right, do right, do right, do right
And we invite you to help us sing our song
Do right, do right, do right, do right
Do right, do right, do right, do right
Yes if you do do right you know you can't go wrong
Do right, do right, do right, do right
Do right, do right, do right, do right, do right.....

„Go for another octave Virgil!š
„What was that?!š
„Oh Lordy..Virgil's done gone so low, He's exploded! Right here on
stage, friends!š
Play the pianer Mama!
Friends, 'til we meet again, keep them cards and letters a comin'
And don't forget the autographed songbooks for sale as you leave the
building. It's got pictures of the entire Dooright family standin' in
front of the lavender bus Right there in livin' color!...

Lordy Virgil, you cut that out! You know you can't hit that note,

Friends, don't forget look for the Dooright bus! We'll be comin' through
your town real soon... Virgil! You know you can't sing that

Stevens Ray Tabs & ChordsStevens Ray Lyrics

Stevens Ray Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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