Sean Watkins, Carousel (correct) Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Sean Watkins, Carousel (correct) Tabs, Chords

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Sean Watkins - Carousel (correct) (Chords)

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Carousel by Sean Watkins
"Chorded" by: Logan Green

(These chords are all in the power chord style which is the way he plays most 
of it. Some of them are actually minor. Please contact me if you see anything 

(verse 1)
One more time around
   C#             A        B
I canít stop this carousel
Iíve tried so long
C#     A    B
To no avail

(chorus 1)
C#           A                F# 
Iíve tried each horse on here 
             B   C/C#
Still no new    scenery
C#          A            F#
Iím dizzy my stomachís sick
Iím tired

(bridge 1)
G#  A  B
This I know
G#  Bb  C  C# 
Horses gold
G#     G   F#   B   A/F*/E
Wonít take me home

(Donít have G piece figured out yet)

(verse 2)
Each horse here is
Painted so pretty
Lifeless beauties
That orbit neatly

(chorus 2)
I see you go flying by
Iíve worn my heels down
In this game of tug-of-war
Iím losing

(bridge 2)
Stepping down
Kiss the ground
That will take me home

*Being a power chord, itís actually played above a high E: itís not a low F

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