Whiskey Myers, Virginia Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Whiskey Myers, Virginia Tabs, Chords

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Whiskey Myers - Virginia (Chords)

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G 	  	 Am 	 
Earthquakes and Hurricanes
F 	  	 C
slow moviní freight trains
G 	    Am
Girl thatís how,
 	     F 	   C 	 
You make me feel sometimes
G 	  	  	 Am
But you are gone away from here
F 	   C
So far my dear
G  Am 	    F 	        C
Up by that northern state line

G      Am
F 	  	 C
Light of my broken dreams
You pick me up
    Am 	  F 	  C
And sure make me smile
G      Am
F 	      C
I would give anything
G 	      Am
So come dance around
   F 	       C
My memory for awhile


Off in the moonlight,
Sweet southern moonlight
A billion stars,
Bare feet in the sand

Countiní down the summer days
Smiling at our reckless ways
You was my girl
And I was your man



Thatís the way the story goes
Broken hearts and sad souls
You left me here,
Not saying goodbye

Said you headed with your paw
North Arkansas
But that was back before, 1975


Whiskey Myers Tabs & ChordsWhiskey Myers Lyrics

Whiskey Myers Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Whiskey Myers
Buy Whiskey Myers CD

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