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Place To Lay Your Head chords - Frankie Ballard

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Frankie Ballard Sheet music
D G D G (2x)

D                                  G
Look at you lookin like a superstar
D                                             G
girl i bet you sure know how to break a heart
D                                           G
I ain't got no knock you down pick up lines
D                                             G
but girl i bet you and me could have a good time

    D                    G                 D                   G
So come on and roll with me if you want to baby I'm ready to go
      D                 G
we can paint up the town burn it on down
   D                          G
or dance down an old dirt road
D               G           D              G
and I've got the keys to an old feather bed
D                             G
and baby when you're ready to call it a night
        D                     G              D                   G
I've got a place to lay your head, I've got a place to lay your head

D G D G (2x)

D            G              D       G
Well I know a spot on second avenue
D                G                  D         G
with a bottle of wine that's callin me and you
D                   G                  D                 G
we can drive to the country side, kinda see what's goin on
D            G            D            G
long as I've got you baby all night long


D G D G (2x)

D               G               D          G
It looks like a yes behind that little grin
D                 G              D                G
well I guess you're gonna have to tell your friends
D                   G             D              G
that you've found a better way to spend your night
D                G            D               G
well I know it's crazy but it sure feels right


D G D G (2X)

Frankie Ballard ChordsFrankie Ballard Lyrics

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