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Single Again chords - Frankie Ballard

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Single Again Sheet music
She's been taking calls she's been avoiding
(D) Smiling back at some of them boys
When (E) she's out on the town with her girlfriends (A)
She's been down at the mall buying new shoes
(D) Paintin' her nails red, loosin' them old blues
(E) Look at who's on the loose, she's single again (A)

And it's been (A) one, two, three nights in a row (D)
Not givin' a damn when she gets home (E)
Ain't felt this free in God knows when (A)
She got no limits, no fears, no strings (D)
She's uptown and down for anything (E)
She's ready to mingle
She's single again (A)

She ain't lookin' for anything serious
(D) She's finally free and kinda curious
To (E) see what kinda good times she can get (A)
Well her ex boyfriend called her last night
(D) A little jealous because he heard she's all right
(E) Well that serves him right 'cause
Thanks to him (A) she's single again


(F#m) She'd love to fall in love
And (E) call someone her own
But she's (Bm) on the run and (C#m) havin' her fun
Til the (D) right one comes along (E)



(A) She's single again (D)
(E) Look who's on the loose
She's single again (A)

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